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February 28, 2016

This is an ultralight beam

A story on getting lost and being found

Kanye is an artist. When he creates art, he is at his best. Forget all the fog and clouds, all the noise and distortions that veiled his core at disturbing times. Let them be forgiven as trials and errors.

When he created songs like “Never Let Me Down” I saw his connection to spirit, but when I heard “Yeezus” I thought he had fallen for the devil. Now that he released “The Life of Pedro”, I can witness both sides again. And I hope the light side of the force will take over eventually.

We all disconnect from our true spirit sometimes, but the only thing that matters is to reconnect. The only thing that is important is to keep the light on. Because there is no signal that is brighter. There is no art that is more inspiring. And uplifting it was to hear “Ultralight Beam” for the very first time.

Let this be a reminder to ourselves that we are here in this world to create, to shape, to rearrange, to mix, to mold. To create fresh great art no matter the form. Music, products, companies, poems, movies, books, buildings, gardens, cities, cafes, spaceships. Because they cut through the darkness of the universe.

We are here to explore, to find our way, to get better, stronger, deeper, clearer. And when we are clarity, we just have to get it out. We have to get out our dreams. Because all this here is all a dream. An ultralight beam.

And when we fall and when we fail, and make mistakes and lose our way, we can always start again. As long as we are here, in this universe, on this planet, in this world, that is our dream. To experience beauty, to create art, to share love. Until we wake up. Because then, in an ultralight beam, it is all over. But until then, we are here, we are free, we can do whatever we want.

So let’s get back to our business.

My business is art. Art is my business. What’s yours?

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February 4, 2016

DIY or LOD (let others do)

Applied statistics /or/ How to clean the world

The noise VS signal paradox

There needs to be waste and complexity first, before someone can cut through the noise to find the signal. To get the essence, to create value out of waste, there needs to be waste initially, because it is the material of which value is eventually made.

The mistakes VS learning paradox

Similarly, there needs to be mistakes before learning from them.

The DIY VS LOD paradox

However, life is simply too short to make all the mistakes and errors yourself. It is also too short to create too much waste. Life is already incredibly complex and there is already an overload of noise that needs to be cleared up.

One can actually be thankful for all the mess. There were previous generations who did all the experiments and trials before. Now one can just clean up. There is simply value in restructuring, in curating, in simplifying.

(There is tremendous value in making mistakes yourself (skin-in-the-game related), however mostly for unique experiments that haven’t been tried – for everything that has been done before, there is little value in repeating)

What is key here is that you don’t need to be the one who comes up with waste, complexity and noise, or similarly, errors and mistakes. Someone else can. You just need to take the insights and apply them. That’s it.

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January 28, 2016

Everything I’m not made me everything I am

Kanye West’s take on via negative:

Everything I’m not
made me everything I am

This post is part of the #you series.

January 27, 2016

Damned is the man who abandons himself

The worse the situation is
never, ever, should a man
consider it lost.

The Conditioned from Facebook Stories on Vimeo.

January 23, 2016

King philosopher 

It’s better to be a king philosopher than a philosopher king.

Reality first, model second.

For more information, see

Real World Risk Institute

January 19, 2016

I’m turned off by dogma

Take what’s useful, reject what’s useless, add what’s uniquely your own.

Taken from here.

December 9, 2015

The better way to optimize

Never aim to be perfect.

Aim to be brave.

Inspired by Alicia.