Money and Blues

Venture Services

I help Founders like you to de-risk your venture, validate your model and provide financial planning to assure that you have the right foundation to build and run your company.

Starting your own company is risky.

– 90% of new products and services fail.

And the two main reasons why Founders fail are:

(1) 42% built something that nobody wants (no market need)
(2) 29% ran out of cash (no money)

I personally believe that a lot of these failures can be prevented with a fair amount of good anticipation.

As a Founder myself, I went into various ventures – wholeheartedly – only to realize that crucial elements were wrong from the start.

Sometimes, the most powerful force that drives you (passion), can also be the force that blinds you the most. This is very similar to what we call blinded by love.

It is important to make a distinction: Failing is not so much of a problem if you fail for the right reasons. The problem is to fall big, by loosing money and time, for issues you could have known early on.

What you want is to de-risk your venture: You want to validate as much as possible before committing.

With the right methodology, you can not only prevent failures – but also increase the chances of succeeding.

I provide you with two services that make a difference for your venture, by validating the critical hypotheses that matter the most:

Market Validation

– Together, we will identify your customers and their highest pain points – is there a market need?

– We identify your clear value proposition (VP) and unique selling point (USP) – what are the benefits of your solution?

– We identify your positioning in the market – how are you different from competitors?

I support you with market research, competitor research, surveys and landing page testing.

Financial Validation

– Together, we will create a market sizing to estimate the monetary potential of your market.

– We create a comprehensive financial model backed by realistic assumptions.

– We create a use of funds overview that provides an overview of how much money is required to execute your plan.

I support you with market research and financial modeling.

With the support of my Venture Services you will gain the clarity and awareness to make well-informed decisions about your venture.

Once you have validated the two most important factors for your venture, you can be assured to have a solid foundation to start your business.

If you have already validated your product or service in the market, and the financials add up greatly, you can reach out to me for general enquires as well.

With my Venture Services I help Founders like you with deck creation, fundraising and other valuable support services to start, operate and finance your company.

I personally lost money and, more importantly, time by starting ventures that had flaws built right into their models from the start.

With anticipation and methodology, these failures could have been prevented.

I don’t want you to go through the same struggles, especially if there are ways to avoid them.

By validating your market-fit and your financials, you can do the most effective check-up to de-risk your venture from the start.

By anticipating and knowing the mechanics of the business you want to start, you are best prepared to not fail for the two main reasons that most Founders fail for: No market need and no money.

Starting your own company is risky and 90% of new products and services fail but with the right methodology you can de-risk your venture significantly.

By validating your market-fit and financials, you can be assured that you will have the right foundation to build and run your company, with solid chances to succeed.


– Entrepreneurship

– E-commerce

– Business development

– Venture capital

Key skills

– Structuring

– Writing and communication

– Financial modeling

– Branding