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March 18, 2017

Away from the abstract and the distant, toward the tangible and the near

What’s good.


February 25, 2017

I swear, I declare, you have no idea, God is always here

I know the devil working day and night,
but I look him in the eyes and you a damn liar


January 4, 2017

The loop is the enemy

When you think, notice if it’s circular.

If you notice that you are in a loop, break out.

That’s the single most powerful action you can do.

And that’s the key part: Do. Not think.

The action is not something you can think of.


A loop-breaking key


Engage with the world.

You are too self centered.

You meditate to look inward.

That’s enough.

Engage with the world, interact with people, commit to work – this will shift your attention outwards.

Until you’re not noticing your attention anymore.

You’re just attending.

No attention.



THE loop-breaking action key is yet to be found…

November 30, 2016

Free flow energy

Suppressing energy is an insult to life.

Let it all out.


November 29, 2016

Even more straightforward

Excess details hide truth.

Nassim Taleb

November 28, 2016

Straightforward and stupid

Business needs to be straightforward and stupid.

Kanye West

November 10, 2016


There’s a difference between someone making you feel inferior (and the need to get better) and someone inspiring you to get better.

When ever confronted with the first, go and take the war out somewhere else. It’s not worth testing here.

There are places that value you. This is where you’re right. This is where you grow.